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Spaces available NOW

Our Preschool Day

When the children first arrive they are greeted by the staff. They will then be shown to the name board where they move their name to show that they have arrived.

Staff mark in the children on a register to show who has arrived and who leaves. Parents and children do arrive and leave preschool at different times and every time the door is locked. If when you arrive the door is locked, simply ring the bell and a member of staff will let you in. The door is to be opened by staff only to let parents in and out. We ask that parents do not open the door to other parents, even if you know them. This is a safety issue.

Each child then finds their name and signs themselves in by putting their name on the name board and isthen shown where their own drinking bottle is, this will be filled up with water. (Each bottle will have your child's name on so they can clearly see which is which.) These are to be left at preschool, so they can be washed and used for the next day. The children will not be given juice during the session.  We offer milk or water for both snack and lunch.

During the morning the Preschool facilities enable us to provide a wide range of activities for the children to enjoy. Toys and activities are rotated so the children get a varied choice to make for themselves.

In the activities room there is a crafts table where the children can make, paint and create their own masterpieces which are displayed and then can be taken home to treasure; a mark making table for their drawing and writing, puzzles, messy area, book corner, small world area and lots more.

The children's imaginations can run riot in our home corner - it has been a huge number of things from a picnic area to a space ship. There are always building toys for the children to play with. We have a large selection of jigsaws, books, dolls, construction toys, dressing up clothes, etc for the children to play with.

We have a safe enclosed outside playground full of interesting and exciting equipment and a lovely garden area for the children to use all the year round on a free-flow basis.  We have recently added the huge sand area.

Our outside reading seats for children to listen to stories, tell stories or show and tell the other children about something they are interested in.

Snack time starts about 10am. The children wash their hands, then collect their plate and cup. Milk or water is offered to drink, along with fruit, vegetables and toast and/or crackers. All snacks are freshly prepared.  Once each child has finished their snack they can go off and play or finish off whatever they were in the middle of doing!

Towards the end of the morning's activities we encourage the children to help tidy up, especially the floor activities. This helps with their understanding and taking ownership of their surroundings in the setting. It also allows us to enjoy music, dancing and movement activities before lunch.  We usually have a circle time just before lunch.  We do not insist that the children join in with this, but we find that before long they do want to.  This is where we do songs, storytime and learn Makaton sign language.  

Children who stay for lunch bring in their packed lunch which is eaten as a whole group, this starts at 12.00pm. This is a very popular and social event. (Many parents have found that this really helps the children when they start school.) We encourage parents to provide a healthy balanced lunch with fruit and veg where possible and refrain from chocolate, sweets and sugary drinks. To ensure the children's food stays at the appropriate temperature, we have a dedicated fridge for the lunch boxes.

When it comes to home time the children are shown out by a member of staff one at a time to be collected by the child's parent or carer.

Seasonal Activities

Many activities happen during the school year. The summer term brings our annual sports morning with fun races for all the children, (Plus mums, dads, grandmas, grandads, carers and even the staff). We also like to have a summer outing and have visited many places.


On Pancake Day the children make and enjoy eating their own Pancakes.


Chinese New Year the children try all different types of Chinese Food and the weeks activities are planned around these events.

At Easter children are invited to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Parade. Each term ends with a party for all the children.


And lots lots more

When your child's time comes to start Primary School we mark this occasion with a graduation ceremony.

On birthdays we encourage parents to bring in a birthday cake (with candles) and we all sing Happy Birthday.

Christmas brings the Christmas party where the bearded gentleman is guest of honour. All our children meet Father Christmas and recieve a Christmas Gift.

Some of our many activities 


We do have some requests for parents. If your child is ill or has any contagious rashes or skin conditions, please do not bring him/her to pre-school. The child will not only feel miserable, but illnesses spread very quickly through pre-school and it is not fair on the other children.

Also, for safety reasons, if your child has pierced ears we request that they only wear stud earrings.


Parent Help

We welcome parents into the setting and encourage them to stay and help whenever they are able to. If parents have any skills or interests we love them to come into the setting and share them with the children.



Diary Dates!

We are fundraising at the Marham Funday on Sunday 9th June, and at Families Day on the RAF Base on Saturday 28th July.  Please come and see us if you are there.


Our annual trip this year is to Banham Zoo on Friday 28th June so we will not be open that day.

Sports day is on Friday 12th July.

 Welcome back everyone! The start of a brand new term.

We still have spaces available,so please Contact us for more information. 

***30 Hour Funding***

For more infomation or to see if you are eligible please visit the childcare choices website by following the link below

Childcare Choices

Our toddler group is having a break until further notice.  If you have any interest in the group, please get in touch.

Please help us to keep the setting safe.


We understand children all have mild colds at this time of year, but if they have more severe symptoms, please keep them off.  If they have had sickness or diarrhoea, they must stay off for 48 hours after the last episode.

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