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Parent/Carer Comments

These are some of the comments that we have had, in leavers' questionaires, cards and thank you letters: 


Everyday there are new and enjoyable things 'I' has done, very varied and lots of added days of visits and things to talk about.


Every experience talking to staff has helped us if we have had any problems and been friendly and understanding.


You have been incredible and as a family, his mum and us (grandparents) have classed school as another family to him.  I think this is a rock and can't say enough thank yous.  We will always remember his preschool days and are so grateful we came to you.

All members of staff go above and beyond.  They always include lots of J's favourite things into daily activities.


I'm so pleased I brought J over from Montessori, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.  So flexible in relation to what works for you and your child.  I feel like you always have J's happiness and best interests at heart.  THANK YOU!

Marham stood out for how friendly and genuinely caring the staff are, and also for just letting kids be kids.  I feel like he's been encouraged, but never pushed.  He was completely non-verbal when he started so it was important to me that he was happy and that I was able to trust where he was and who was with him.


The staff put their hearts and souls into the preschool, they attend every fete and fun day to fundraise in their free time.


I can honestly say that whilst there both of my sons have been loved like they are their own children and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with them.  Everything has been perfect from day one and I would recommend Marham Village Preschool to anyone.  I will always be grateful for the love they have shown them and for giving them the best possible start in life.  Thank you!

I would personally like to say a HUGE thank you!  You've supported me and flourished L's learning over the past 2 years.  I have great comfort that L loves coming to preschool, she loves all the staff, children and all the things she does.


I personally cannot fault anything, everyone is friendly and approachable.  You're very accomodating, clean and reliable.  I'm proud to say that L has gone to Marham Village Preschool.


I'm very sad L will be leaving soon, but thank you so so much for supporting her learning journey!

Every single member of staff has been amazing, you all go above and beyond to suit M's needs as well as to help us out when needed.


M has loved her time with you all, she has made so many friends and had so much fun.  M loves everything about preschool, she is so comfortable and not a thing she doesn't like.


Both my children have attended this nursery and loved it!

F has enjoyed the loving he has received by every member of staff.


Overall I'm over the moon.  He gets excited to go to nursery and is always happy when I pick him up.  He has definitely come out in himself since attending the setting, thank you for everything.

The communication is great, we receive regular newletters and reminders and updates on WhatsApp which is very handy!

I couldn't fault the communication at all.  The staff always go above and beyond to make sure I know my children are comfortable and safe.


The staff have been amazing 100%, what a great bunch of people.  Thank you for helping D so much, he has excelled being with you all.

Since coming to the nursery, D has bloomed.  All the staff are amazing and very helpful.  D is now a different child and is not as shy and more confident.  We want to thank you for all you have done for us.  D will miss you all terribly as we will too.  Thanks again for supporting D through this phase and chapter of his life.  Keep up the amazing work!

The staff are very friendly and helpful, they always have time.

Thank you for looking after G it truly means the world and I know he thinks the world of you all and will miss you all dearly.  I look forward to R coming here.

A loves all of the staff, they are all very friendly and always happy.

Thank you for everything.  Your kind, generous, patient ways is 100% what we wanted as parents.  Thank you.

They have had the best time!  R's learnt and developed so much in the pre-school, he was such a shy little boy and he's developed into a confident, caring little boy


I feel very grateful that R's had the opportunity to be part of a 'big family'.  In our eyes the preschool and all the team are amazing!

I have been very grateful for understanding J's circumstances leaving [another preschool] and coming to you and making him so much happier and welcome by all.  No bad points.

We would 10,000,000% recommend you to other people!

The staff are very friendly and always helpful, nothing is ever too much.


The preschool is a lovely space and the improvements you continue to make are brilliant.


The pictures and videos on Tapestry are amazing and it's great to see what they've been up to.  We are always able to have a conversation and the newsletters are very informative.


The routines are great, excellent routine that it is ealy for them to get used to.  Snack time is great, I love that they help themselves to what they want.


Your're the best!

The girls have loved it here, I can't think of any ways you could improve - you're all fab!

We haven't been here long but I've been very pleased with how well A has coped here as I was worried about how he would settle.  All thanks to the staff making us feel really welcome.  I love how friendly the rooms are and how packed with toys.  I love seeing the activities on Tapestry.

We have all loved being part of this amazing preschool and we want to thank you for all the fun, love and care you have given to A, J and S!  You've been brilliant!


We cannot thank you all enough for the part you have all played in our children's lives and ours for the past 7 years, you have all been amazing!! Thank you!!


Diary Dates!

We are fundraising at the Marham Funday on Sunday 9th June, and at Families Day on the RAF Base on Saturday 28th July.  Please come and see us if you are there.


Our annual trip this year is to Banham Zoo on Friday 28th June so we will not be open that day.

Sports day is on Friday 12th July.

 Welcome back everyone! The start of a brand new term.

We still have spaces available,so please Contact us for more information. 

***30 Hour Funding***

For more infomation or to see if you are eligible please visit the childcare choices website by following the link below

Childcare Choices

Our toddler group is having a break until further notice.  If you have any interest in the group, please get in touch.

Please help us to keep the setting safe.


We understand children all have mild colds at this time of year, but if they have more severe symptoms, please keep them off.  If they have had sickness or diarrhoea, they must stay off for 48 hours after the last episode.

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